Earth Day Birth Day!

With GRIT grant funding from the Arts Council of Greater Lansing and National Endowment for the Arts I am hosting a community art project on April 22, 2023. Honor Earth Day and take action to help our wonderful planet by making recycled art!

GRIT ( signifies “Gaining Recovery in Transition”–assistance is provided to several local artists for rebounding from the pandemic.

This event is also dependent upon generous donations from the Friends’ organizations at Delta Township District Library ( and East Lansing Public Library ( Many thanks to the Youth Services department of Plymouth District Library for their book donations ( too!

Make a new book from old book parts! The workshop is open to all ages with supplies and instruction provided, free of charge. The Friends Meetinghouse is a wonderful and accessible space for our bookmaking fun–see you on Earth Day 2023. We will utilize old book covers, hole punches, scissors, paper cutters and various upcycled papers to create our imaginative books. Join in the fun and take home a super special book of your very own!

We will meet at the Red Cedar Friends Meetinghouse (, 1400 Turner Street in Old Town Lansing, Michigan, 11:00AM-3:00PM. Children under 13 years of age must be accompanied by an 18+ adult.

NOTE: I am renting this space for the day–the Earth Day, Birth Day! event is not endorsed by Quakers in any way. Scented body products, smoking, vaping, and perfumes are not allowed to promote the health of all.

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